Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back To The Future

Well, fifteen hours into the future. But most importantly, I’m back.

I arrived in Hong Kong Wednesday evening, incredibly tired, a little nervous, but very excited. Tired because I had attempted an all nighter the day before (bad idea, some of my things didn’t get packed :(. Nervous because there are so many variables I’m unsure of. Excited because of the adventures and opportunities that lay ahead.

From the Hong Kong Airport I took a 50+ minute bus ride to Sai Won Ho, a relatively quiet town on the east side of Hong Kong Island. There I met Warren and his flat mate Chris. I met Warren on This guy has truly been a saint, taking me in and giving me plenty of time to find a place of my own.

Though I had only slept 4 of the past 72 hours, we decided to visit Lan Kwai Fong (a night club district) later that night. The most amazing thing happened! After walking around for a bit, I saw two of my friends from HKBU, Pierre and Tony, then four more students, then six more. Eventually the street was filled with familiar faces. I had so much fun catching up with my ex-classmates (though I’ll never believe second semester was more fun than the first. Liars!). Most, if not all of the remaining exchange students will have gone home by the end of the weekend. Their stay at the dorms will come to an end on the 30th. I wish they could stay indefinitely, and I’m sure they do too.

The next week or so will be eventful. I’ll have found an apartment (not sure where just yet), started work, and entered into a more normal life as a Hong Konger!

I'm feeling a mess right now. Not only do I miss my friends from home, but now I miss my HKBU friends (Hong Kong just isn't the same without you!)

Take care! Talk to you guys soon!