Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Thank you for visiting my Blog!

I am hoping this Blog will allow me to keep my family, friends, and all who are interested in my travels updated about my upcoming adventure in Hong Kong. In conjunction with this Blog, I will continue a mailing list for those who would prefer that medium. (E-mail me your E-mail address at:

Below I have added my Curriculum Vitae: more or less an elongated Résumé. This should provide you with a good amount of information about what I have been doing for the past four years. In addition, I will be an intern at Gen-Probe working in the Marketing/Communications department this summer; starting June 17th. If I can provide more information about myself, please contact me.

I am still in need of financial help for my studies in Hong Kong. If you would like to contribute, see my first post entitled ‘Finances’ where I have included different means to contribute and detailed information about the cost of my eleven-month trip.

I look forward to your emails and hope that this trip will be just as educational as my past trips.


Kevin James Burns

Photos from my trip to South America

Photos from my trip to Europe!