Thursday, May 29, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Kevin James Burns
S915 L, Student Residence Halls
5 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Nationality: US Citizen Phone: 9509-7651

Work in an international environment in order to obtain and expand skills and opportunities in global marketing, management, and international business development. Expect an internship experience in preparation for a career with an international marketing agency that concentrates on a broad range of marketing services.

Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management May 2009
Emphasis: Marketing
California State University San Marcos – San Marcos, CA

Assistant to Marketing Communications Specialist June 08 – August 08
Gen-Probe – San Diego, CA

Competitively selected for paid internship with Gen-Probe; world leader in molecular diagnostics. Exemplified time management, teamwork, research, and communication skills to insure all projects were completed on time and without error. Gained exposure to website development; created pressroom and internal community relations site, created and supervised focus group; managed logistics, relationship management with numerous associations, and creation of internal reports and press kits.

Assistant to Public Relations Director May 04 – July 04
Rip Curl – Carlsbad, CA

Competitively selected for an internship as a liaison between the media and Rip Curl surfing apparel and equipment manufacturer. Duties and accomplishments: During this time, built sales and product placement reports for the Rip Curl sales department; selected unique future Rip Curl clothing and apparel styles and sent them to magazine companies for product placement; made real-time decisions regarding which magazines would feature Rip Curl clothing; and maintained contact with industry professional athletes concerning Rip Curl product contracts.

Hong Kong August 08 – Present

Planned, budgeted, and executed a four-month exchange program at Hong Kong Baptist University in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. Studies include: Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales Management, Cross Cultural – Comparative Management, and Mandarin. Exposed to eastern culture through immersion as well as an academic lens. As a result of living in Hong Kong, expanded knowledge of market commonalities and differences.

South America July 07 – December 07

Planned, budgeted, and executed a five-month educational trip to South America which included visits to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. During the trip, immersed myself in the culture, taking Spanish language lessons, as well as offering natives instruction in English. Also, worked on the Ecuadorian organic farm Rio Muchacho helping with market reach, and identifying and providing information to Universities in the United States that might contribute students to the new educational arm of the farm. As a result, I developed an intermediate level of Spanish conversation abilities, expanded my knowledge on market differences and commonalities, and gained a great appreciation and understanding of South American culture. Also, during my trip I continuously faced new, ambiguous, and difficult situations that have helped me to further develop skills in leadership, communication, risk aversion, and determination.

Europe May 06 – July 06

Planned, budgeted, and executed a two-month trip to Europe. While traveling, I immersed myself in the European culture, expanding my knowledge of languages such as French, German, and Italian, as well as experiencing the diffuse art, music, and people – all pursuing a lifelong interest in European culture and history. Also, I was able to gain skills in flexibility, time management, and budgeting in order to accomplish a visit to thirteen countries in two months on an extremely limited budget.

Senior Experience Project Director August 08 – Present
College of Business Administration (CoBA) – CSU San Marcos

Developed and submitted an entrepreneurial business project that was selected by The CoBA to be incorporated into the Senior Experience Program where the business project would be further developed by a group of five business students. Created training materials and communication mediums in order to lead a team of six students located at my home University while studying at HKBU. Built confidence in creative abilities, further refined my strategic management and marketing knowledge, and exercised leadership abilities in a professional environment.

Marketing Director January 08 – May 08
Global Business Management Association (GBMA) – CSU San Marcos, CA

Skilled in the preparation and fashioning of marketing efforts to include fliers, posters, banners, and dispersing of materials for upcoming GBMA events. Created and managed committees that incorporate GBMA members for assistance with marketing tasks – Proficient in Adobe Photoshop.

Voting Member January 08 – May 08
Associated Students Inc. Finance Board – CSU San Marcos, CA

Duties include analyzing budget increase requests by ASI funded centers and evaluating value to the student body; evaluate prospective centers/events and their ability to return investment; responsible for balancing $1 million budget – which included the complex task of reducing expenses by $100,000 to match next years projected revenues.

President January 07 – May 07
Global Business Management Association (GBMA) – CSU San Marcos, CA

Elected President of the GBMA for its second semester of its existence. Demonstrated outstanding motivational and leadership abilities leading four officers and Global Business Students to make the GBMA one of the most successful business organizations on campus. Created new goals for the association, clearly communicated the new goals, and ensured those goals were effectively implemented. The new goals included bringing three business professionals to speak to the students, holding weekly off campus networking events, and the organization and execution of off campus events such as a camping trip and potluck.

Debater August 03 – May 04
Palomar Speech and Debate Team – Palomar College San Marcos, CA

Competed in national debate events on the Palomar Debate Team. Researched current and historical events and translated that research into cogent arguments with supporting evidence – all with little to no preparation time. Identified flaws in competitor’s arguments and refuted using empirical evidence.

Founding Member January 08 – Present
International Meeting of the Minds (IMM)

Manage resources and intellectual property in order to leverage for each member, group coaching and counseling.

Exciting and passionate personality with presentation and interpersonal communication skills based on countless business presentations and teamwork situations; possess outstanding motivation and work ethic – willing to go that extra mile and do what it takes to get the job done right and always meet important deadlines; possess excellent attendance record and upstanding moral/ethical values.


My Budget is Published as a Google Document. Click the link below to review my current finances.

Hong Kong Budget
Note: The link is constantly being updated whenever changes are made to my finances. This way you know exactly what my situation is.

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Kevin James Burns