Monday, November 24, 2008

My health and the Venetian

2 Ex-rays
1 Blood test
1 Gastroscopy
1 Tred-mill test
2 Sets of antibiotics
And yet, I’m still not exactly sure what’s wrong with me. The cardiologist and I concluded, based on my tests, there is nothing wrong with my esophagus, heart and lungs, which is enough to feel comfortably sure I’m not going to die (sarcasm). Amazing how the process of elimination can be so comforting. We agreed upon some skeletal/muscular problem. Although I’m not sure why it has persisted so long.

Regardless, much of the pain has dispersed. I’ve been feeling much better though not 100%. Many of my normal activities have resumed. Two weekends ago I had the chance to visit Macau (or Macao) with about twenty other HKBU students.

We stayed at The Venetian. Apparently Asia’s largest Hotel/Casino/Building, it truly was a beautiful place. The twenty of us rented a really nice room and because we split the price, it was only about HKD 175 (USD 22). But with twenty people in the room, my highly prized sleep suffered immensely.

Staying in Macau for a day was a refreshing experience. In comparison to Hong Kong, which has torn down most if their colonial buildings, Macau has retained most of theirs. The streets wind down from the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Small stores selling interesting snacks and trinkets occupy the first floor of Portuguese inspired building that line the sides of the narrow streets. We were hardly alone. Cramming the streets were endless swarms of Asian tourists. Who knows where from.

After visiting Macau tower and taking in the amazing view of the surrounding islands, my good friend Alexandra and I returned to the colonial district. Once there, we met with a friend of a friend, Patrick, who I had never met prior, but was recommended to by Starr Thibodo, another friend of mine who is currently studying in England. Patrick, who is originally from Southern California and is now working in Macau, treated Alexandra and I to an amazing Portuguese dinner. My mouth waters every time I think of the duck, beefsteak and seafood we were so graciously treated to. It didn’t help that our meal was set in a small quiet colonial style building – insuring I was on my best behavior and used my best manners. The food was great and our conversation interesting. It was a grand end to an exhausting and fun weekend.

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