Friday, December 5, 2008

Changing Minds

Steve Jobs
Commencement Address at Stanford University
12 June 2005, Palo Alto, CA

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Table Tennis

Turn on the sports channel in Hong Kong. You won’t see Baseball, Football (ours or theirs), Basketball or Hockey. Instead Table Tennis and Badminton take up the majority of the airwaves. Two days ago I was lucky enough to turn on the TV in the common room just in time to see the final game of the Chinese Table Tennis National Championship. Wang Hao, who is currently the World Champion, blew a giant lead in the final match to take silver. The match was a thriller!

I have been lucky enough to befriend some really good table tennis players. Christian, a German, is probably the best. But there are a couple local Hong Kong students and a Danish guy who are also really good.

Today we took a trip down to the local sports arena/complex. This place is really special. It only has table tennis and squash courts. Amazing! On top of that, today all the table tennis courts were filled up (about 20 courts)- many people training with a coach. We were lucky however, because apparently this happens often and they were able to bring some table tennis tables into two of the squash courts. It was Good Times! We played for about three hours, at which time I was too exhausted to play anymore.

Back to studying for final exams.

Guilin, China

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