Friday, July 24, 2009

A Problem of Prosperity

Though climate change is still a debated topic, most have come to the conclusion that it is real and have resolved that something has to be done. So what to do? Where to start?

It is clear that many developing countries refuse to make the needed changes to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Until recently, the US was the world leader in green house gas emissions, and yet, refused to join the Kyoto protocol, an international agreement designed to turn back the effects of climate change, most likely because of fears that the economy might be stifled by bulky restrictions on pollution.

Nor can we expert developing countries like India and China to take the lead on reducing greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, raising prosperity in these countries is also accompanied by larger energy consumption. Asking these countries to reduce their production of greenhouse gases is like asking them to abandon their dreams for prosperity. In order to make meaningful changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we must make sustainable technologies and lifestyles profitable to individuals, businesses and governments.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an NGO focused on making sustainable living profitable, which, it argues, can only be done when we have effective tools in place to measure the carbon output of private and public sector organizations. In business, what gets measured gets managed. If we hope to manage and thus reduce the effects of greenhouse gases, we must first find a way to measure it.

The CDP is working on this exact problem. The NGO collects emissions data from corporations, institutional investors and purchasing organizations from around the world and is using this data to create a standard to measure future outputs.

Take a look at this presentation by Bill Clinton, who is an avid supporter of the movement. Not only is it a great explanation for the CDP, but he also has some great ideas.

It’s time to mobilize against climate change.

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