Thursday, July 30, 2009

McKinsey's Grand Arrival on The Web 2.0 Scene

A couple of weeks ago, a friend introduced me on to McKinsey Quarterly-a business news site which is an offshoot of The McKinsey Consulting firm. I'm very impressed by the depth and breath of reporting. Each email is targeted to what I want to read and though some of the emails are reserved for premium members, the ones that I can read are very interesting and many times include video interviews with global business leaders.

Take this last Email I received. Mckinsey Quarterly did an interview with Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, where he spoke about the future of oil and renewable energy. Not only is he a very interesting guy to hear from, but they did a great job targeting my interests, as renewable energy is a topic I'm interested in.

If you would like to view the interview please click here.

What might be the most interesting thing about McKinsey Quarterly is that it represents McKinsey's arrival on the web 2.0 scene. This is further proof that the Internet is completely transforming business, regardless of industry. If a successful business consultancy like McKinsey feels it is necessary to practically give away business insight over the internet, who else is likely to follow? What other industries, which might have been thought of as 'internet proof', will follow suit? Time will tell.

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