Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

I’ve been told a million times to brake up large difficult projects into small pieces in order to simplify them. It never really seemed to catch on, however, and I kept practicing the same bad habits. Only until recently, when I read one of my favorite Blogs, written by Ben Casnocha, accomplished author and entrepreneur, did I find something very compelling.

It's the same reason why we'd prefer to read two short books instead of one long book. Total number of pages read might be the same, but we feel more accomplished having completed two whole books.

It's the same reason why breaking tasks into bits (and then checking off each bit on our to-do list) makes us feel more accomplished and energized than leaving one, big task on the to-do list, ever unchecked.

We are completionists by nature.

Sometimes this is a bad thing. Rational decision makers must ignore sunk costs. Abandon that book that stopped being interesting at page 50!

Ben figured this out while cutting his sandwich in half for lunch proving that yes, wisdom really is everywhere.

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  1. Human brain works badly, I don't like the idea of increased satisfaction about reading 2 books instead of one.
    I'm not sure cultural stuff can be rationalized like that.
    For me it's the reverse, I love long books. When I look at them I've got the feeling that I'm reading some thing containing more knowledge than a short book. My perception of accomplishment would be bigger if I finish a big book on one day than 2 short ones. Shortness doesn't count as much, but it's probably my thing. I would be disappointed if I hear about a famous writer and if I see that its book is really short.

    But interesting point of view, valuable in some cases.


  2. Can't say I disagree with you on that one. There is something special about finishing a really long book. I feel smarter, even if I'm not :)