Thursday, July 2, 2009

Attack of the Other White Meat!!

The response to the growing number of swine flu cases in Hong Kong has been swift and far reaching. Twelve cases of the virus found at a city secondary school prompted the government to close down primary schools across Hong Kong. Individuals suspected of having the infection have been quarantined. One quarantined man even fled from the hospital where he was being held. Apparently not enjoying the hospitality.

It is likely the actual number of swine flu cases is not being accurately reported for fear of persecution. Private schools who inform the government or the media about cases of the infection fear Parents would take their children to other schools.

I was even a case of swine flu discrimination. I had a meeting with my managers from my internship when I first arrived in Hong Kong. However, I wasn’t allowed to go into the office for fear I might infect the entire office.

A friend from rugby, Diego Laje, is a freelance reporter who does a lot of work for CNN Spanish. He recently did an interview with Dr. Malik Peiris, from the University of Hong Kong, highlighting some interesting points surrounding the swine flu hysteria and what happens going forward. Have a look.

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