Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two weeks of work

As I mentioned earlier, I work for Community Business (CB), a not-for-profit focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR). I couldn’t be more excited about the work I’ve begun. I have been able to work on projects that otherwise I would never get a chance to because of companies small size.

During my first week I spent much of my time helping others with their projects, completing small pieces of projects. I also spent a large portion of time researching past, present and future CB events to get a better feel for what CB does. I was able to sit in on a workshop called CSR In Turbulent Times, with keynote speaker Lord Hastings from KPMG (who by the way is an excellent speaker and quotes periodicals like he is doing an extemporaneous speech [reference from my speech and debate days]), and I sat in on our Community Business Leadership Team meeting which is comprised of senior executives from large large multinational companies such as Allen & Overy, Crown Financial, KPMG, Cisco, British Council, etc. Both were really great experiences.

This week I was able to sit down with my Managing Director and talk with her about projects going forward. After a little bit of conversation, I noticed that she thought I had expected her to propose projects for me. When I told her that I had some ideas of my own, she was a little impressed. I was excited to hear that she liked some of my ideas, including looking at Community Business’ brand, and recommending and redesigning much of their materials.

I had the rest of the week to mess around with some ideas. I went through that scary moment when you just start a project, and you’re a bit clueless where to start, not being able to find a starting point. After calmly looking over the material for a couple minutes, I took to brainstorming and writing down the things that were coming to mind. It was a great feeling watching many of the branding ideas I’ve read about in the past start showing up on my document. I was thinking to myself, wow, not only are these changes helpful and important, but also, I’m thoroughly enjoying this.

When this weekend came around I was absolutely ready for the break. Friday night Myles, Ring, Chun, Sara and I danced the night away at Club #9. The cover was a bit low so the ratio was about 9 guys to 1 girl, but we didn’t care. Still had a great time. Saturday Ring, Sara, Samantha and I all went to Stanley Beach for the afternoon. Afterwards we ate at McDonalds because all the other places in that area were crazy expensive. We ended the night in Lan Kwai Fong. I went home early because I was ridiculously tired from that day’s events. Good times.

Excited about the next couple of weeks. Work is going to be even more fun, and as I reacquaint myself with Hong Kong and its inhabitants, enjoying the city is going to be a lot more fun.

Of course I’ll keep you posted on all of this. I hope to hear from you soon!

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