Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mind The Gap

I was in a little bit of a downer mood after visiting with my very last friends at HKBU yesterday. It’s always tough visiting a place were you’ve had so many friend that are not around anymore.

After my short visit, I took a quick bus to the Kowloon Tong MTR station and made my way to the train that would take me home. The lines in front of each door were long and when the doors were about to close, the train was almost completely full. But, as I’ve done many times before, I tried to squeeze myself in. Unfortunately for me the doors closed on my arm, popping my watch right off. Of all the places my watch could have fallen, it made a B line for the gap between the train and the platform. As if it never existed, it was gone.

This is the same watch my Dad gave me which I wore during my travels in Europe and South America. I was hoping to use it for trips in Asia too. Oh my trusted companion, you will be missed!

Unlike my left-hand-man, I was able to make it home in one peace. I’m not in Warren’s Apartment in Sai Won Ho anymore. I’ve sense moved into a nice little apartment in Sheung Wan near Millennium Square. I was just thinking today how great a place it is. First, it’s a serviced apartment, which means a maid comes to clean once a week, free Internet and all the furniture is provided. It’s only two blocks from my work and all the essentials (e.g. dry cleaning/laundry, grocery store, restaurants and food vendors) are within a two-minute walk. The price, considering all the things included, was only about 550 USD. The main reason for the low price is because it’s on the 7th floor with no lift (brutal when you have to carry things up). I had other less expensive options but considering there was no furniture or Internet in the other places, I feel like I made a good decision. I’ll have pictures once I get my white walls covered.

Everything is going pretty well. I’m doing my best to explore my neighborhood. George will be happy to know that I play rugby with Warren and a bunch of guys every Tuesday. Touch of course ;) Finding some table tennis buddies is my next challenge. Work will start on Monday. I know I shouldn’t be nervous, but I always am about these things. Money is same as usual, tight. I’m on the pb&j budget, but am sure to take liberties with friends and new acquaintances.

It’s great to be back in Hong Kong. It’s definitely not the same without the great friends I made during my time at HKBU. It’s actually completely different and it really feels like I’m starting all over out here. Good times!

Anyways, keep in touch guys! Can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I just got your e mail--so checked out your blog.
    Sounds like everything is going good so far.
    Hope to hear more from you as you get setteled into your new job.

    Thanks for keeping in touch.
    John McIntosh
    Crestline, CA

  2. Hey Kevin,

    It sounds like you're liking things in Hong Kong again so far! I think it will be different for anyone of us going back there after living and experiencing the city with all of the amazing people we met on exchange but I am sure the 2nd time around will be just as amazing if not better ;)

    I'm guessing you have started work now? Keep us posted!

    Did your parents ever open my card for you or are they gonna forward it over to you? Or should I mail another one?! ;) Let me know!

    Love from the world's best city to live in :)