Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staying in San Diego until May

Just received word this morning that my work visa will not be approved for at least another six weeks. That's disheartening news, however there is little that can be done. HK immigration takes longer than even the cynical might have predicted.

I'm now left to make the most out of my time in San Diego. I would love to begin some short term work. If you know anyone who needs some work done around the house, or some furniture moved, or a house sat, or anything at all, I'm your man. (


  1. Oh man. This is unbelievable Kev! Well, if anyone, you know how to make the best of your time wherever you are.
    Welcome to the job-hunting club :)

  2. Hey when're you coming back? Miss you over here in HK ! You better be quick! :)