Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Exams taken in Hong Kong:
o Tredmill exam
o Gastroscopy
o Blood tests
o Antibiotics
o x-rays

Exams taken in San Diego:
o Bone scan of my chest
o More blood tests
o Stool tests
o MRI of my spine
o CT scan of my chest
o Full pulmonary examination
o Barium swallow
o More x-rays

My Primary Doctor, Dr Prior from Kaiser in SD, has diagnosed me with 'MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME” and “COSTOCHONDRITIS.” I'm not so sure he's right. However, I don't have to many options. I had hoped to have everything figured out by now. With only a week left before returning to Hong Kong, I've run out of time and run out of exams. I'll continue to search for more answers, but I've become reasonably sure I've done my due diligence, it's time to get busy living.

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  1. Hey Im pretty sure that you have done your best working on this. On the other hand, you should have faith in human body's ability of self repair :) You will be okay! Prey for the best for you!