Monday, November 24, 2008

Much of my time

Group projects are an interesting thing. I used to think that the differences in writing styles were different among my classmates at my home university. But with my newfound perspective, homogeneous is how I would describe my home university. The combination of the cultural differences, geographically dispersed academic requirements and non-native English writers has turned the role of synthesizer into a full time position. I find this less annoying than I do interesting. However in the past couple weeks much of my time has been consumed by school and countless group projects. I have had time for little else.

My internship search has becoming dire. Looking back, there is much I would have done differently, but that is hardly the point now. So in short, I’m still vigorously searching. All help is welcome.

An interesting dynamic: I have changed my ticket from 20th January 2009(in order to match my student visa, so HK customs would let me in the country) to 20th August 2009. WOW. As of now, I have no place to stay (31 December they kick me out of the school dorms), no visa (I need a work visa to stay in HK), no money (or not enough to last me until August 09). Scared? Yeah, but also some excitement. What’s life without a bit of adversity?

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